Story Of "The Rescue Bus"

What if we could save dozens at a time vs one?

We can!!!!!

Since it's first trip to LA in Feb of 2011 The Rescue Bus has rescued over 200 animals from high kill LA shelters to safety and medical treatment at The Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue in Puyallup, WA.
The Sunny Sky Animal Rescue in Puyallup, WA is run by Illina Berton who also owns East Main Animal Hospital. With the hospital she has been able to rescue animals locally that need homes. She started off taking in injured or orphaned animals that had no where to go. In fact, if you call any local clinic with a homeless animal, they will likely direct you to her.

THE RESCUE BUS TEAM WAS CREATED TO HELP DR BERTON CONTINUE HER RESCUE EFFORTS. Our initial goal was to raise $5500 to purchase a transport bus. On Sunday Feb 27th the bus rolled up to the East Valley Shelter in Van Nuys and took over 40 dogs to safety. Many of these required medical treatment that made them almost unadoptable here - now thanks to Dr Berton they have a 2nd chance at life. When a large number of dogs leave one shelter it makes room for those at over crowded ones so they can be transferred vs PTS. So we can't even begin to count the lives saved by this effort.

The mission of this team is, through awareness and personal fundraising, to help Dr Berton maintain regular visits to Los Angeles and eventually expand her rescue facility so we can save more animals. This transport will continue to save lives as long as we continue to support it. If you have joined this group please contribute by sharing, tweeting, emailing, making a personal donation or creating an event that will raise money for this cause. Thank you!

UPDATE: Our rescue bus has since broken down and become irreparable. This however does not stop us in our rescue efforts as we exercise other avenues to receive vans and planes full of dogs from high kill shelters both locally and from California.