Why We Do What We Do

Sunny Sky’s Animall Rescue has been working to save dogs, cats and just about anything with a tail since 2010. In just these few short years we have seen so many things that have touched our hearts and brought tears to our eyes, but there are a few stories in particular that have stuck with us and helped renew our passion to save and inspired us to push ourselves even harder.

In rescue there are things you see that you wish you could forget, but you also get to experience and participate in things that make you remember why you will never give up. Seeing a young boy, eyes welled up with tears throw his arms around a battered pit bull, telling her that she is safe and she will never be hurt again. Being there as a family gathers around a forgotten corgi puppy letting her bark and play before they scoop her up and take her to her new home. Browsing the after photos of a neglected Yorkie who has finally experienced the love of a human family. Watching as blind kittens play and run as if they could see everything.

These are the reasons rescue continues, the reason all of the bad things you see take a back seat to a smiling family and this is the reason why support and charity from donors and sponsors is immensely important, so that these moments we pray for can continue.

Donations Appreciated!

Checks can be mailed to:
Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue
1102 E. Main Ave
Puyallup, WA 98372